Armchair Traveler

Jennifer Reynolds the Armchair Traveler

Zee Michaelson & Jennifer Reynolds are on the weekly show the Armchair Traveler on Collage Travel Radio.  Jennifer’s’ accomplishments and contributions to the travel agency community have earned her a Certified Travel Industry Executive citation from The Travel Institute as well as being named a two-time award winner of Travel Agent magazine’s Top Supplier Sales Representative. Jennifer is a graduate of St. Leo University School of Business (Hospitality) and continues to serve as a member of the Industry Liaison Council for the Hospitality and International Tourism Program.


The show the Armchair Traveler is a relaxed conversation as they sit back and reminisce about some of the exciting places in the world that you will be traveling to in the future. Jennifer has been to all 7 continents and she has a great insight and knowledge as to …where to go and what to do.